Create Contents, Publish or Bid in NFTs

On this crypto space, we’re giving users a platform to explore, create contents and earn in Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). Users have abilities to reward other users with tokens depending on the quality of created contents.


Be rewarded in NFTs and cryptocurrencies

Trending NFTified contents ranging from articles, newsletters and memes to musics, streams and videos will be graded and valued based on an average of Upvotes and Downvotes placed on the crypto space. Content creators can earn a passive income by publishing valuable NFT contents for consumers.

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Now You See Me

Min. bid price

Asset bidding ends in

450 DHE

21 hr : 24 min : 34 sec

Amount to bid

12,500 BUSD (400,000 DHE)

Bid for NFTs in the market space

Auction and Sales of different NFTified contents that trends or are liable to trend is one of our outstanding feature in the social media crypto space. As a content creator, if you feel that your articles, audios or streams are good and benefcial put them up for sale and see how much value they really offer on the crypto space.

Introducing NFTs for music and video streaming for the community

While streaming platforms are accruing massive traffic with every current trend’s popularity, it is often known as a medium to showcase skills to the global community. Denhive will add an innovative NFT feature that will serve as a better opportunity by creating an NFT for music and video streaming platform where content creators can enjoy publishing and earn.


To make Denhive more robost and interesting, we are giving power to the community.



Denhive is a decentralized masterpeice, which means it transfers control and decision-making from a centralized entity. Denhive is built on both Binance and Polygon chain which uses Proof of Staked Authority (PoSA) mechanism which is a combination of Proof of Authority and Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) to provide safe fast trasactions with the help of 21 network validators at a very minimal fee.


Reward based

Rewarding article published based on views and upvotes. Upvotes will be done by users termed content engagers. Content engagers would be required to pay small amounts of DHE to either support (upvotes) or dislike(downvote) a content piece. Denhive crpto space will make use of DHE as its native token for all transactions.


High Performance

Binance chain uses the Proof of Staked Authority (PoSA) mechanism which is a combination of Proof of Authority and Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS). What this means is that the algorithm relies on a network of 21 validators and each can produce a block every 3 seconds as opposed to ethereum that can create a block in approximately 20 seconds. This means that any Denhive user no matter their location can invest in DHE in 5 seconds with a very minimal fee.


We’re a decentralized platform for creators and consumers

Denhive is a platform for content creators and those interested in rewarding these creatives in Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). Poised with ensuring security on every detail, users do not have to create accounts by submitting their personal details on long forms.

Dubbed as the TOP NFTfied content sharing Dapp, the easiest way to define Denhive is by describing it as a social platform that combines retro forum and news site. Denhive will allow its users to create channels and subchannels where they can publish their content. From there, readers can Upvote, Downvote, or discuss the topic they find relevant and interesting. Similar to other social media, Denhive will be a community-driven mechanism based on popularity and good content.



Token name: DHE

Total supply: 500 Million on BSC and 100 Million on Polygon at a later date.


Marketing (10%)

Team & Advisors (13%)

Content Dapp (20%)

Development (10%)

Partnership (10%)

Community & Referrals (7%)

Token sale (10%)

Future products - Music NFTs Dapp and Streaming NFTs Dapp (20%)


  • MAY, 2021

    Community Events

  • JUNE, 2021

    Content Rewards

  • AUGUST, 2021

    Whitepaper Publication

  • OCTOBER, 2021

    Strategic Partnership

  • OCTOBER, 2021

    Rebranding & Design Modelling

  • FEBRUARY, 2022

    Development & Token Sale

  • FEBRUARY, 2022

    Dapp Live Testnet

  • Q1, 2022

    Exchange Listing

  • Q1, 2022

    Integration to Polyggon Network

Use Cases


NFT contents

Denhive is expected to go all-in on content from Music NFTs & Video NFTs to streaming NFTs and various articles support in future products.



Holders of DHE will be able to participate in the governance decision of the DApp. They can exercise votingg rights on various NFTiified contents.


Trading Engagement

Popular & trending NFTified contents can be exchanged with DHE between contents consumers and creators to promote value.



NFTified contents can promote income for creators depending on its popularity and trend. Such NFTs can also be sold to other consumers on the platform. All these transactions on the DApp ecosystem will be done with DHE.



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